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Healthy vegan dishes 

The impact of the meat and dairy industry on climate change and the ethical objections to the atrocities of the bio industry mean that more and more people are going to eat vegan. 

A vegan diet is probably the only real way to reduce your impact on planet earth, not only in terms of greenhouse gases, but also in terms of acidification, eutrophication (fertilization of the water that suffocates aquatic life due to the abundance of algae), land use and water use.

Vegan tradition

A number of populations in India traditionally eat vegan food (mostly for religious reasons) and that is why vegan food in Indian cuisine has become much more common than it does for us. With the fantastic herbs and spices in Indian cuisine, a lot of variety is possible.

Indian speciality restaurant

Red Chilly Restaurant also wants to make a contribution and has adjusted her card to offer a wide choice of vegan dishes for the vegan. Like the vegan rice table, for example. We make everything ourselves and do not use convenience products, so that we know exactly which dishes are vegan. So in our dishes no unclear E-numbers or gelantine. We use vegetable-based oil and our ghee (clarified butter) is made from palm oil and not from milk. The dishes are tied with a vegetable stock. The dipping sauce served with the onion bhaji and vegetarian samosa is vegan and made from tamarin. See also our allergen map on our website.

Shahi Paneer  €7.50

Indian cheese cooked in a thick creamy sauce of dry fruits, nuts and cashews

Mattar Paneer  €7.50

Fresh peas and homemade cheese cooked in a spicy curry sauce

Palak Paneer  €7.50

Fresh spinach and homemade cheese sauteed in mild spices

Saag Aloo  €7.50

Fresh greens, and potatoes, cooked with Indian sauce

Vindi Masala  €8.00

Ladyfingers cooked in Masala sauce with onions and tomatoes

Jeera Aloo (Bombay)  €7.50

Potatoes with cumin, onions, tomatoes, and Indian spices

Aloo Gobi  €7.50

Cauliflower and potatoes diced and sauteed with cumin seeds and spices

Channa Masala  €7.50

Chickpeas cooked with onions, ginger, garlic, tomato and spices

Dal- fry  €7.50

Creamy yellow lentils in aromatic spices

Daal Makhani  €8.00

Black lentils flavored with freshly ground spices and sauteed with cream

Mix Veg Curry  €7.50

Fresh beans, potatoes and carrots cooked with Indian sauce

Vegan dishes

Vegan Starters

Vegetable Pakora  €4.00

Traditional North Indian sweet & sour snack served with boiled potato, coriander chutney, tamarind chutney, chickpeas, yogurt and topped with chaat masala

Samosa  €5.00

Crispy triangular pastry filled with potatoes and lightly spiced vegetables

Onion Bhaji  €5.00

Chopped onion rings coated with gram flour and spices, deep-fried in vegetable oil

Paneer Pakora  €4.00

Homemade cheese in a dough made of flour and spices; deep-fried

Chana Chatpate  €5.00

Easy chickpeas chat made with potatoes, onions, yogurt, and Indian spices

Papardam  €1.00

Delicious, spicy Indian crackers. Served with mint yogurt sauce and mango sauce

Fresh Green Salad  €6.00

Fresh salad with cucumbers, lettuce, and tomatoes

Spinach and Mushroom Salad  €7.00

Salad with fresh spinach, mushrooms, cucumber, onions, and baby tomatoes

Pineapple Raita  €4.50

Cucumber, yogurt beaten with fresh herbs, tomato, onion, and pineapple with Indian dressing

Raita  €4.00

Yogurt beaten with fresh herbs, tomatoes, onions, and cucumber

Salads / Raita


Plain Rice  €3.00

Fragrant boiled basmati rice

Pulao Rice  €3.50

Basmati rice cooked in saffron and butter

Zarda Pulao  €6.00

Rice cooked in saffron, milk, coconut, and dried fruits

Zeera Rice  €5.00

Basmati rice has nice aroma of cumin seeds stir-fried in ghee

Basmati Sp.

Veg. Biryani  €6.00

A princely dish with vegetables marinated with spices and saffron and then cooked with Basmati rice

Mushroom Rice  €5.00

Basmati rice cooked with mushrooms and freshly chopped onions


Vegetable soup  €5.00

Vegetable soup with Indian spices mixture

Mushroom Soup  €6.50

Mushroom soup with Indian spices mixture

Chicken soup  €6.50

Chicken soup with Indian spices mixture


Veg Noodles  €7.00

Indian style noodles with carrots, cabbage and green onions



Gulab Jamun  €4.00

A light pastry made with milk, cheese balls, and toucher with sugar thick syrup

Kulfi Exotic  €3.00

Indian ice cream made of milk, saffron, almonds and nuts

Chapati  €1.50

Very tight bread baked in tandoor

Naan  €2.00

Traditional Indian bread baked in Tandoor

Garlic Naan  €2.50

The traditional bread topped with sliced garlic

Peshwari Naan  €3.50

Sweet traditional bread stuffed with coconut and raisins

Keema Naan  €4.00

Traditional bread stuffed with mincemeat

Onion Chilli Naan  €3.50

Traditional bread stuffed with finely chopped onion, and red and green peppers

Makhni Paratha  €3.00

Butter rich whole bread made in layers

Mint Paratha  €3.00

Flaky pastry bread with a touch of mint

Cheese Naan  €3.50

Traditional bread stuffed with feta cheese